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tv   U.S. Senate  CSPAN  July 29, 2015 6:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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the presiding officer: the senator from ohio. mr. brown: thank you mr. president. i ask unanimous consent to dispense with the quorum call. the presiding officer: the senate is not in a quorum call. mr. brown: excuse me.
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thank you. mr. president, we know that we inherited, our generation, people that are in the senate and the house in their 40's and 50's and 60's inherited from their parents and grandparents the greatest infrastructure in the history of the world. from the 1940's and 1950's and 1960's and 1970's into the reagan years when we decideed we should invest less in infrastructure we had this incredible infrastructure, we inherited from our parents and grandparents. yet for whatever reason, we've allowed it to crumble. we haven't invested, we haven't modernized we haven't even maintained it as well as we should. the dismal state of our nation's outdated roads and bridges and railways cost ohioans cost north carolinians valuable time and money and energy. in my state the state legislature -- i know that in the presiding officer's state their state legislature has been on a budget cutting tear, as my state legislature has decided to
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slice in half and then some local funding so that for many things including infrastructure so that the streets and in any town ohio, virtually not just big cities, more affluent communities, small towns rural areas the streets and the highways continue to crumble. because this body can't -- has been far too dysfunctional because of pledges that many elected officials have made to a washington lobbyist that they will never close tax loopholes and will continue to fail to fund infrastructure because of what state governments' done in my state but instead of debating a long-term bill what adequate funding we debate a hastily assembled bill without amendments that no one expects will even be considered by the house of representatives. the speaker of the house a fellow ohioan of mine, the speaker of the house used a
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four-letter word to describe this ladies and legislation when and if -- i assume it moves to the house. the senate is considering a bill that doesn't do enough for infrastructure makes bad choices about how to pay for these investments. yet at the same time president obama proposed a six-year $4 billion transportation package that would provide -- $478 billion transportation package that would provide is supported by all kinds of organizations business labor contractors afl-cio manufacturers steelmakers, concretemakers, businesses that want to have good infrastructure to get their goods to market, and want their employees to be able to drive to work or take the bus to work without major damage to the axles of their car when they hit the chuck holes in too many city streets. instead, mr. president we're looking at a bill that pays for just three years and offers small increases over current
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spending levels. think how we're doing this. a six-year authorization funding slightly less than three years but collecting the money by budget gimmicks over ten years. what kind of game is this instead of funding infrastructure the way we used to when we would come together bipartisanly and fund infrastructure with real dollars, real investments we're playing games now. that's why the house of representatives, that's why the speaker of the house used the four-letter word to describe this bill, it's why so many of us are soy dissatisfied in the house of representatives. it will pass with a majority, pass with cloture it's already gotten 60 votes but there are 60 pretty unhappy votes because nobody i know in this body thinks we're doing this anything close to the right way. if we had considered an amendment in the regular order as the majority promised if we had done that i would have offered a fully paid for proposal to boost the bill's investments and expand the major projects program. let me talk about that for a
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second. this amendment would fund projects like the burns spence bridge between cincinnati and north kentucky. burns spence bridge built in 1969 19 -- 1959, 1960, connects ohio with northern kentucky i-75 from north-south goes from cincinnati to dayton, the brent spence bridge runs from cincinnati to dayton to lima to toledo to detroit. i-71 also coming together right at the spence bridge as it crosses into ohio, cincinnati, columbus, cleveland not far from akron. as my colleague, the senior senator from oklahoma mr. inhofe who has played a role in transportation and would like to do it right has said before this debate, that one bridge, 4% of our nation's g.d.p. crosses that bridge every day every week, every month every
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year. 4% of our gross domestic product moves back and forth across that bridge. yet that bridge is about 55 years old there's never been a serious accident with that bridge there have been problems there have been some safety issues, i don't -- i don't think anybody expects it to fall down next year, i'm not being alarmist but when are we going to do things to fix that bridge? senator mcconnell, the majority leader, that bridge for curious historical reasons the ohio river which separates there ohio and kentucky, almost the entire ohio river is considered to be in kentucky so this bridge which covers 4% of g.d.p. is in the home state of the majority leader, yet the majority leader did not allow another -- another senator to offer an amendment that actually would take care of rebuilding and fixing up that historic very very crucially economic -- to our economy fix up that bridge.
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the federal government, we won't -- without the federal government that bridge won't get replaced. the state government of kentucky is not going to do it, ohio is not going to do it. they should play a role, they may toll that bridge, who knows but both play a role but federal investment in highways has been something started mapped out by president roosevelt started by president eisenhower with the interstate, it was always bipartisan until the pledge from far too many members of this body tom a special interest lobbyist that said can't do that can't fund this infrastructure. on the transit side, i would have sought to strike a pilot program that allows transit projects with any private investment to skip the line for federal funding meaning these private projects which are often bad for workers and operate the new line, would be in a special category that they surely didn't earn because they haven't served the same public purpose and gone through the same justification process if you will as a normal
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public transportation project. when the majority leader brought a combined transportation bill to the floor last tuesday he used his privileged position to prevent other senators from offering amendments. i remember the elections last fall when senator mcconnell then the minority leader, said things will be different in the senate didn't take long for senator mcconnell to sort of trump his predecessor by doing it even worse. pardon about the play on words with the verb there mr. president. this matters because bad process can lead to bad outcomes. if the senate had had an opportunity to have a full debate,about we would have been debating a much stronger proposal as the presiding officer knows, this bill has improved over the last couple of weeks, they've taken out -- this bill originally was going to slash -- slice money out of the social security fund to pay for highways and bridges and transit. we'd never done that before in this body. this money they were going to take money out of money already
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dedicated, promised and dedicated, about to be spent to help cities that have been particularly devastated by foreclosures. they were going to use money from that. they were going to use money from community banks they still are in this proposal. they're going to charge everybody getting a mortgage $50, $200, $300 at closing to pay for transportation. what's that about. instead of funding transportation the way we used to bipartisanly back when senate and house candidates didn't sign pledges from special interest lobbyists that they would tie their hands and not come up with money for a transportation bill. if all the committees of jurisdiction over this bill held markups had actually discussed the bill, had hearings on the bill it would have been a much stronger bill. the environment and public works did good bipartisanship work on highway issues. i commend senator inhofe and
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senator boxer one republican and one democrat but their work is the exception. the banking committee where i serve as ranking member, traditionally develops it for this bill. it's done through the regular committee process not even a hint of that happening this year. the finance committee which i'm a member of as jurisdiction over much of the revenue used to offset funds going to the highway trust fund. no sign no of a markup there either, mr. president. if introduced, this bill would have robbed social security, as i said, taken money from the hardest hit fund, as i said, for communities devastated by foreclosure crisis. i invite the majority leader to come to cleveland -- i mean, i know he comes to cleveland to fund raise -- but to come to cleveland and look at the neighborhood i live in. i live in zip code 11405. my wife and i have lived there a couple of years. 2007 that zip code had the highest number of foreclosures in the united states of america. that happened because of wall street greed in large part, but the fact that it did happen
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means there is -- there is -- there is far too much blight in this neighborhood, the hardest hit funds matter to clean up some of this neighborhood and get people to be able to get back on their feet. the commerce committee third committee, first banking then finance. first e.p.w. did it mostly right. banking committee we were excluded. finance committee, we were excluded. commerce committee responsible for highway safety and rail safety held a markup but not a single democrat on the committee supported the language because they did nothing about public safety. they allowed -- if my recollection is right they allowed younger people to drive trucks as if we want less truck safety. younger people meaning 18-year-olds. i know i'm getting older but i don't really want 18-year-olds to drive these rigs when they clearly don't have much experience and clearly have less training. it also did not fix some of the rail issues we should fix when we see these terrible accidents. so it was one thing after
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another. over the past two weeks a large part of the legislation was written in republican offices with little input for democratic senators. even though the majority leader said times have changed we're going to have a full, open committee process, amendment process, debate, all that, just didn't happen. but the greatest failure of this bill aside from the limited growth in investment, is this bill makes choices about revenue that i think the congress and the american people will regret. i mentioned a couple of them. let me talk about those that were part of the banking committee on which i sit and which i -- i think i probably know the most about. despite opposition from consumer advocates and participants in the housing market, including bankers, including realtors, the bill would increase the guarantee fees paid by homeowners that are charged to protect against losses of fannie mae and freddie mac. that means when you go to a closing, you will be assessed a fee. it will increase the cost of homeownership by $4,000 for borrowers who have 20% down
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payment as a median home price and even for more for those who have less down. this means increased the cost for homeownership and puts taxpayers at greater risk. there is a history of opposition to use of this fee for purposes other than housing. more recently, senators crapo a republican from idaho senator warren a democrat from virginia wrote a provision in this year's budget resolution to prevent this fee from being misused. and of course they're right. this bill requires the i.r.s. to use private debt collection agencies to collect taxes. because you see the majority leader was looking for anything he could find that might produce revenue. has nothing to do with transportation but anyplace he could find in the government to produce revenue. that then could be used to pay for a highway bill. again, smoke and mirrors just sort of funny money. one of the ways he did this was to take i.r.s. -- he put the budget for i.r.s. debt collection to take some more of that money and give it to a
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private debt collection company and they then would collect this debt and that was considered about a $2 billion revenue generator for reasons that aren't real clear. but the thing is, mr. president it's been tried before. each time it's lost money. each time it's been repealed. the companies hired for these efforts were found to have frequently harassed low-income families. they violated the fair debt collections practices act. but senator mcconnell the majority leader, needed that billion-plus dollars for his highway bill because people here didn't have the guts to stand up and say no, let's -- we may have made this pledge to the special interest lobbyists that we can't come up with revenue but instead let's actually do this right. no they weren't going to do that so they did things like hardest hit fund, take social security money increased costs to people at a closing middle-class families that are trying to get a mortgage and privatize debt collections. it's hard to see -- it's hard to see how these programs that hurt
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families hardest hit fund, the debt collection, the social security money how this makes sense to pay for investments in bridges and roads. this bill would reduce the dividend paid to banks over a billion dollars in total assets that are members of the federal reserve system. that raises $17 billion. it might make sense to reduce the dividend -- and you could argue that. i've heard people on both sides of that. we exempted the smallest banks under a billion dollars but those banks -- present c.i.a. of community banks that are $2 billion or $3 billion in size. most are smaller but the number there, they will be paying more. hundreds of thousands millions in this case, some. all the people that voted for this bill, they voted for cloture, they vote for this highway. they're assessing a number of community banks in their states for this money. we don't know if the rate of 1.5% the new rate that senator mcconnell has decided on is fair. and we -- i appreciate the
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cutoff the lower rate of $1 billion but you know, we should be working this out in committee, discussing it, hearing people on both sides talk about it. they just arbitrarily -- what they started with, every bank and then they arbitrarily put it to the $1 billion -- above $1 billion set that threshold and they brought -- arbitrarily brought the percentage from 6% to 1.5%. nobody really understands this program, even people in the majority committee don't know it really well, so maybe we should have researched it, maybe we should have discussed it, maybe we should have actually had hearings on it. instead, the majority leader came around to these banks and to this committee and they thought hey we can get $16 billion there by changing a program that nobody knows what it is anyway. well he's taking that money from a lot of community banks. you know, more power to him. another reason that i'm not going to support this bill. it's ironic that on the fifth anniversary of wall street's
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dodd-frank reform, this bill would undercut rules designed to help small banks. before i close inwant to be fair and point out some of the good provisions of this bill. first the senate voted on a strong bipartisan basis to add an amendment that would renew the u.s. export-import bank. this bank has 350 businesses in my home state that it's helped, two-thirds of which are small businesses. it doesn't cost taxpayers a cent. interestingly, the export-import bank began by president roosevelt in the 1930's, was always bipartisan. its reauthorization its continuation its renewal and update done by congress was always bipartisan. my recollection -- i'm not sure this is quite precise mr. president. my recollection is that only once has there even been a vote in the senate on the reauthorization of export-import bank because there didn't need to be because everybody agreed with it. now, for whatever reason, the far right the tea party -- we used to call it the john birch society when they opposed medicare. now they're called the tea party when they oppose the affordable
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care act -- the tea party has decided that this export-import bank which helps businesses, which helps companies particularly small companies in dayton and toledo and cleveland and charlotte and asheville and durham helps small businesses export their products. they need some help sometimes. every other country in the world, every other major country, we think has some kind of an export agency, financing agency like this, but we're not able for reasons of calling it political, crony capitalism and all that, that the tea party weighed in p and convinced a whole lot of senate and house republicans it's not such a good idea. but we're -- right now the ex-im's in this bill. i'm hopeful it can stay in in the process. i'm hopeful that if we just switched -- because the house -- because the speaker used a four-letter word to describe this bill, i'm hopeful that when we get a short-term extension and other -- i hate cliches but this is such a good one that we
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kick this can down the road again for another three months or two months, whatever it's going to be, i hope that the majority leader and the speaker will include the export bank reauthorization and make it long term but not clear if they will. i want to also point out that chairman shelby, the chairman of my committee on banking with whom i have a good relationship, included a number of proposals for transit policy that i think make good sense. the mass transit account was created in 1983 under president reagan. it was done right. it's always received around at least 20, sometimes a little more of any new revenue that it's dedicated to grow. so we have a tradition in this country, for every $100 we're spending on a transportation bill $20 of that goes to small business systems in lorain, ohio dwz to r.t.a. for rail in cleveland, goes to major transit systems in new york or anywhere around the country. this bill initially was less
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than 20%. i appreciate chairman shelby's and the majority leader getting it back up to 20%. there's a new program for competitive bus grants, though. it's underfunded $190 million a year. this bill increases the amount of american-made steel and other components that's a good thing. there are -- as i said, with all my criticism of this bill and the way that it was handled by the leadership in this house there are some good things in this bill. i hope the senate will move forward after today with a desire to revive a bipartisan process based on regular order when we address transportation issues. i stand ready to work with my colleagues and both parties to deliver a robust six-year transportation bill. i yield the floor. mr. mcconnell: mr. president? the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. mcconnell: i ask unanimous consent the senate be in a period of morning business with senators permitted to speak therein for up to ten minutes. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mcconnell: i ask unanimous consent the senate proceed to
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executive session for the consideration of executive calendar 224, that the nomination be confirmed the motion to reconsider be made and laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate, that no further motions be in order, that any statements related to the nomination be printed in the record, the president be immediately notified of the senate's action, and the senate then resume legislative session. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mcconnell: i ask unanimous consent the senate proceed to the consideration of s. res. 234. submitted earlier. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: senate resolution 234, to authorize the printing of a collection of the rules of the committees of the senate. the presiding officer: without objection, the senate will proceed to the measure. mr. mcconnell: i ask unanimous consent the resolution be agreed to the preamble be agreed to, the motion to reconsider be laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate. the presiding officer: without objection.
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mr. mcconnell: i ask unanimous consent the senate proceed to the consideration of s. res. 235 submitted earlier today. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: senate resolution 235, designating september 2015 as national spinal cord injury awareness month. the presiding officer: without objection, the senate will proceed to the amendment. mr. mcconnell: i ask unanimous consent the resolution be agreed to the preamble be agreed to, the motion to reconsider be laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mcconnell: now mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that the senate receives the papers for h.r. 3236, that at 1:45 on thursday, june 30 the senate proceed -- july 30 the senate proceed to the immediate consideration of h.r. 3236, that the bill be read three times and the senate vote on the passage of the bill with no intervening action or debate, and that there be a 60-vote -- 60-affirmative vote threshold for the passage of the bill, and
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that following passage of the bill the motion to reconsider be made and laid upon the table. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mcconnell: so, mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that when the senate completes its business today it adjourn until 10:00 a.m. thursday july 30. following the prayer and pledge, the morning business be deemed expired, the journal of proceedings be approved to date, the time for the two leaders be reserved for their use later in the day. following leader remarks the senate resume consideration of h.r. 22 postcloture. further, that the time following leader remarks until 12:00 p.m. be equally divided in the usual form. finally, that all time during the adjournment of the senate count postcloture on h.r. 22. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mcconnell: if there is no further business to come before the senate, i ask that it stand adjourned under the previous order. the presiding officer: the senate stands adjourned until 10:00 a.m.
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>> >> mr. president come on an entirely different matter matter, the ongoing revelations about planned parenthood are more than
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just serving common day literally shock the conscience. the democratic colleague called them '' very troubling and go. extremely troubling. and highly troubling. next week every member of this party will have a chance to join us to reaffirm this and its commitment to women's health. we introduced legislation last night to ensure taxpayer dollars for women's health this bent on women's health. not a scandal playact of political lobbying giant. the senators need to vote to protect women's health or they can protect subsidies for political group mired in scandal. i know planned parenthood intrench lobbyists have been close allies of democrats in recent years. with this moment calls for senators to rise higher and think bigger.
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let's not filibuster women's health to protect special subsidies for one scandal-plagued political organization. wild rejoicing together to bring something positive for the american people from this terrible situation. >> mr. president. the republican legislature legislature, to attack women's health is disguised as a way to help women. and they have to look long and hard for those taking care of across the country today because programs allow them to go to someone that knows it's there talking
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about concerned about fertility, of birth control and the myriad of other problems that happen as women go through life. they pretend to be for women's health but the health care backbone of american women during their lives. infected health care a significant women get only 30 percent that is their health care. so you can disguise this to the legislation this is an attack on women's health. now is this deadening to me that those 16 people running for president that ago after
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immigration, not only immigration generally but specifically. the show men and women who came to america who come here as saying a little girl in a boat with her mother across the rio grande river with her little dog and she did not understand. and whether the republicans want to do is say woman because of obama because the republicans refused to do anything she could fly in airplanes for the first time
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, go in the airport without fear of being arrested, i get a driver's license. but that is not enough. they want to privatize social security in some significant way. led by one president's son and another president's brother to change medicare a says he would speak to the koch brothers. we are working here trying to get the big -- the ex-im bank. those republicans want to get rid of that now it is expired. the environment don't worry about it is finally have icecaps smart -- wilting in
6:35 pm
the arctic, don't worry about a. the worst fires in the history of alaska because of climate change. don't worry about it. only 5 million acres so far this summer. that dropped affecting all across america especially the west, it is so bad mr. president, that in the sierras there are bears that don't hibernated the more. it is not cold enough. in new hampshire, one-third are dead because of please and sticks it is not cold enough to kill them so they are ravaging huge animals. i could go one but in addition now there after women's health.
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so i hope of the posters and the fancy words, i hope they understand the matter how you package it, it is an attack on women. >> 655,306 kidneys. more than $49 million. 256 lamborghini is. 327,652 parts. more than 24.$5 million. 128 lamborghini. 1,310,612 arms and legs.
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$98 million or 512 laverty any. -- lamborghini. this is the price tag for every one of planned parenthood's 327,653 abortions performed last year able to provide a body parts and organs to harvest. the utter callousness of planned parenthood to discuss the price of three parts as if handing over a menu is clear evidence of the culture of an organization in which a ghoulish and disturbing practice. this is a culture that protects tissue over life
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and lays out harvesting organs as financial milestones as a new car. planned parenthood has worked its way into the american lexicon, become synonymous with women's health, but hiding the abortion practices. planned parenthood received $528 million of federal taxpayer money last year alone. when asked on the street, so few even know that planned parenthood does abortions. but now the veil has been lifted to expose the unconscionable and inexcusable behavior. this organization, planned parenthood performs more
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abortions than any other organization in our country. but now our own callous towards -- hearts, and though parts of our nation was shocked out of apathy. we have a choice. we cannot except the destruction of selling of children to stair clearly into the face of the appalling and do nothing. or we can allow our consciousness to be moved and remove the public endorsement of these actions. we can remove federal taxpayer funding of the organization that is perpetuated such horrific actions. i am proud to join senator mcconnell and 23 colleagues along with joni earnst to
6:40 pm
have access to health services to defund planned parenthood. this bill insurers that those allocated to planned parenthood will be redirected to provide health care services i will be clear of what this bill does and does not do. this bill ensures that there is no reduction, not $1 a reduction of overall federal funding available to support women's health this bill ensures the of preservation of federal funding for women's health services includes important services of relevant diagnostic laboratory, radiology services, well child care, postpartum and pregnancy care and family planning services including contraception aristide testing and cervical and
6:41 pm
breast cancer screening. this bill ensures the preservation of federal funding for these very important services for women. this bill does not reduce any funding for women's health services. this bill does not allow any federal funds to go to planned parenthood to continue the practice to traffic baby parts. we bristled when we heard of an abortion doctor that left babies born alive to die. we sense justice when the same doctor was sentenced in acourt court of law for his crimes. similarly, we shudder as a parent, we have four children at the idea of the baby parts being harvested and sold in the context to
6:42 pm
equate that value to purchase a lamborghini. we are a nation that values life, so much so in the declaration of independence, it is so clearly articulated that all have the right to life. week, democrats, republicans , all americans, must stand strong to those who are the most vulnerable. we must advocate to be a voice for those who do not have a voice. from the most vulnerable including the unborn. over the last year we have cringed at terrible images coming out of the middle east. we see horrible images coming across social media
6:43 pm
and we have called loudly for action but now, today we cringe at terrible images that have occurred on our own soil. nothing, not even in a lamborghini. planned parenthood has clearly articulated the value they place on baby's organs and glands. but what they fail to acknowledge is the value that the american people know so well that is the value of our children. and that is priceless. i notice the absence of a quorum. >> will the senator told his request? >> mr. president, thank you
6:44 pm
very much. it is so interesting so with cooperation now we are headed back to the corners with the vast majority of republicans attacking an organization that helps millions, millions of americans get fundamental health care. and my friends from montana may not like might uploaded and chose not to go there but he does not speak for the american people. we trust planned parenthood organization that has been around since 1916 and founded because she wanted to give birth control to people. all i want to say is let's be clear.
6:45 pm
my friend and those writing the legislation say they're not attacking health care but if they defund the one organization that people trust to deliver that health care. it is interesting because a part of the attack from my friends on the other side of the aisle. we celebrate the 50th anniversary of medicare and medicaid that provides millions of americans with accessible, affordable health care. just this week one of the leading republican presidential candidates talk about how it is time to end medicare and this is a fringe candidate. i heard newt you rich say years ago of medicare had been around. that is here forever and ever and ever. they don't like medicaid.
6:46 pm
some republican governors are not providing care for people with health care because they don't like medicaid. these are lifelines and i have proved. with so go after medicare and medicaid now again planned parenthood and women's health care. ended its attacking women's health care with initial results 1973. to my friends on the other side, you are my friends. keep moving this forward like you did on the transportation bill. we are moving forward despite differences.
6:47 pm
now you are reopening again, the attack on health care. you tried to open -- appeal obamacare 55 times and it has not worked for you have attacked medicare, medicaid now you want to take away women's health care provided by an organization that is chosen by women and men common millions of them, every single year. by the outrageous and potentially extremist group that is the latest chapter in though long history of attacks on plant parenthood and health care providers to work there and on the women and men.
6:48 pm
with the first birth control clinic opening before women could vote. before they could vote women got the vote to 1920. if there is though woman in the white house and 2020, i hope that will happen, we will celebrate the fact 100 years after women got the right to vote there is no woman in the white house. -- a woman in the white house. but dozens of women waited in line. for lifesaving birth control information. they wanted to plan their families and avoid unplanned pregnancies and the action they would face with the unplanned pregnancy and the clinic was raided and shutdown and nine days later
6:49 pm
the founder was thrown in jail. the target of attack of extremist since 1916 and that is continuing on word today. so despite the effort of the extremists have, long way we cannot go back. and we still have people want to get free birth control through obamacare to go over the counter. we cannot turn back the clock on women's health. but that is all the problems facing us to have work to do on transportation and avoid
6:50 pm
a sequestered with a deep cuts to our military and domestic programs. like the fbi homeland's security, food inspection inspection, border patrol. all that will be cut. oh no. we don't try to fix that. what do we turn to? with another attack on women's health. we know this extremist group went undercover to secretly peg people. that is what they did. so women getting health care
6:51 pm
you have got to be kidding. you have to look at the work planned parenthood does. cancer screening, sexual transmitted diseases test. they want to deny women in this health care. day you know what i really find interesting mr. president? so many of my republican friends tell me day after day keep uncle sam out of our private life. i agree. son even call themselves libertarians but if you look up the meaning of libertarian i will tell you what it means id with the pds to be defined as someone pullback to maximize the autonomy of freedom of choice to emphasize political freedom voluntary association, and the privacy
6:52 pm
of individual judgment. the privacy of individual judgment that is the definition of the libertarian. but yet my colleagues decided all like a certain organizations said they say to everybody follow us. no. planned parenthood is a safety net for women's health care and it has been so. this attack on women's health care is the opposite of liberty. if this bill does come forward we will debate and debate and debate because i don't think the people in this country want women's lives used as a political football. they don't. something to gain or lose votes.
6:53 pm
women's rights are not a game. we all have women in our lives that we ever do are regardless of our political party. our mamas and wives and sisters. why would anyone in the senate take away the health care that has benefited one out of five women in america including more than 800,000 in my state every year. 800,000 people in my state. why would anybody want to deny birth control? why would anyone want to deny 100,000 breast exams? that republicans should listen to women in their states. with pasadena california
6:54 pm
when she was 23 years of age she had no insurance before obamacare. they caught it early enough to you treat it to save her life. instead of listening to the extremist, republicans should listen to women like heather from concord california. planned parenthood was there when she needed it to provide with a cancer screening. and they helped her to get the life-saving surgery she needed. this is what she said. now what my colleague said to attack and organization that saved her life, she said i might not be alive today without their help. she told me that a few years ago. planned parenthood is about taking care of women's health and it should not be reduced to a political
6:55 pm
argument. imagine what what had happened if planned parenthood was not there for nicole or whether. there are millions across america each with her own story how planned parenthood has been there for her. know we are not we will not allow republicans to undermine for parkinson's or alzheimer's or multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury or birth defects. the research has led to public health breakthrough including for vaccine or polio and she goes instead of attacking this research we should be supporting a. republicans are pushing the extreme agenda.
6:56 pm
to have the transportation bill then we turn around to do the bill and work together and back again. and then defending women's health. a new poll of released this week shows a strong majority of americans defund planned parenthood even after the is edited video -- and videos were put out. the american people are paying attention to this story and women are paying attention. we know this is a political attack on women's health. they secretly filmed people three years we knew the objective to hurt women's reproductive health. because that is where they
6:57 pm
stand. they want uncle sam to tell women what to her rights are. but i may united states senator and i have strong views and i want people to choose the way they feel. the decisions between themselves. i don't want any senator in this body to tell my kids what to do your kids what to do and discuss it with the families. it is a political attack on women's health we will
6:58 pm
before and again. the republicans is threatened to shut down the government they want to shut down the government. if that is what you would you shut it down we will take it to the american people. to win that fight as well. we will fight to make sure nicole and her other and women across america can continue to get the services they need. the birth control and cancer screenings. esty -- std screens to make
6:59 pm
sure planned parenthood is there for the women and families that depend on a. i note the absence of a quorum. ep in our negotiations. as mr. netanyahu says, this is a historic mistake. host: one issue i want to get to, that is an emotional performance by your >>host: issue to get to be for college is of motion from your colleague to remove the speaker of the house. do you support this? >> we will see how this goes down the road. we have talked about this since then and we will see how it plays out.
7:00 pm
like any family that has internal conflicts i think we will handle this internally. >>host: nacelles like it will be made public. >>guest: i'm sure there will be a lot of talk about it today. >>host: will you get to a vote before you leave? >>guest: from what i understand he has not filed it he will not even but it, so there is a lot of speculation. >>host: what are you waiting to decide? >>guest: to see if it goes forward. >>host: day you agree with the way it is run? >> i believe it could be better. so many times things are run on power or money instead of principle and we need to run on principle and the people have sent us up here and if you were chastised for voting your conscience for the tv or representing the teachers welshing the voice of that segment of the
7:01 pm
population that says this is what i sent you appear to do. >>host: have you voted for him in the past? >>guest: no. >>host: then why not support mark meadows? so you probably would? >>guest: yes. >>host: why would you hesitate to vote no to say i will not vote for this? >>guest: if it is filed i will go with it. >>host: what happens from there? >>guest: we will play it out. we will see what happens >> we are sitting here at the agusta museum of history. about 10 years ago was a decision was made to do a
7:02 pm
permanent military a display to honor jimmy dias i went through all them thousand carnegie medal recipients and the 3500 medal of honor recipients since the civil war and it turns out he is the only person ever to have earned both awards. almost for sure he would say he did not deserve it. he may point to somebody else that was more heroic. he was very humble. he never talked about the carnegie medal. when i talk to people who you knew him when i did the book, people that knew well i would say tell me about the carnegie medal he earned at 19 and they didn't know anything about it. a lot of recipients that i know from the foundation and most will tell you i did not deserve this metal issues have been given to somebody else. it is a piece of humility that the offer and i think
7:03 pm
he would have been in that category. >> president wilson move to the best as a child when he was one year old to live in another house then move to this house when he was three. president wilson's very first memory was november 1860 before he was four years old. standing on the front gate outside of the house and to the end came by in a hurry to say abraham lincoln has been elected president and there will be a war. what did that mean? we think it is remarkable the very first every was of another president and another war, led the civil war of course, wilson would
7:04 pm
lead the country through world war i. >> the only pilot in history to ever fight the british with to royal navy assignments. most would hightail out. >> he started off his life not as a private but a sea captain, a gentleman who was trusted by shipowners as the
7:05 pm
beautiful sailing ship between london and jamaica that was known as the weakest city on earth to carry a valuable cargo like sugar and indigo dye to do that responsibly and in ee but 1684 for reasons no one can determine joseph stole his ownership with a top flight pi writ crew and turned private. -- private >> afternoon. we will take your questions. on monday president obama will address the second class of 500 mandela othello's of a young african leaders initiative presidential summit. he will give brief remarks then take questions from the
7:06 pm
fellows. it will be a capstone to the president's trip to africa reaffirmed his commitment to young people across the continent and entrepreneurial challenges -- answers to challenges the initiative launched by obama in 2010 connects the disease to the neck generation of leaders across africa with leadership skills networks and professional opportunities to allow them to make a meaningful impact in their countries and communities. with that i will take your questions. >> [inaudible] and the circumstances? >> we are aware of the death. without commenting on the specifics we do believe the report is credible. beyond that i will not be in a position to comment on the specifics surrounding his death. >> if he died in 2013, what
7:07 pm
does that say about intelligence cooperation? >> nancy, i can tell you the intelligence community is looking at these reports and continues to assess the circumstances around his death but i am not in a position to speak candidly about what we know at this point. i am sure when we have an update, they will be in a position to update you. >> can you tell the president's message to the house regrets the -- democrats? >> i don't think he has a new approach your message. the message he will offer tonight on iran will be similar to what he is making now. since the deal in vienna was
7:08 pm
reached. as you know, , he is making the case publicly through interviews and taking questions and we also had a representative on the hill, secretary kerry and chairman dempsey were on the hill this morning fielding questions for members of congress and extensive consultations from of white house and other briefings to congress. at the end of the data messages simple. if you want to cut off the pathway to a nuclear weapon and the deal is the best way to do it if no critics have offered an alternative other than going to war, i think that is the case for the house democrats. i don't want to leave you with the impression iran is the only topic discussed. but other legislative priorities like lee ex-im
7:09 pm
bank, a transportation bill and the budget will likely come up. >> is their expectations by the white house. [inaudible] >> we are confident the argument we are making will prevail at the end of the day. 150 house democrats sent a letter back it make supporting the president's effort with the initial political framework. we feel we have exceeded the framework so as we have seen the past couple days as victor ben came out in support of the deal and congressman levin who could not argue for his support of the state of israel made a compelling case how this is in the interest of the israeli people. we will continue as cabinet
7:10 pm
officials are on the hill. the president will be meeting with house democrats later this evening and we will continue to make the case. thank you. >> this morning the ceo said he is considering moving because of the ex-im bank has he spoken to the sea you about this position in? >> i have no specific calls to read out but i can assure you but if you follow this closely you will know that the ex-im bank has 64,000 american jobs supported by exports is 80 percent more than other jobs for go beyond that, it is the final
7:11 pm
tool for small businesses. nearly 90 percent of the transactions directly supported small businesses didn't 2014. we feel strongly it is an institution of a driver of economic growth and a supporter of american jobs. >> with a growing outcry of the killing of of life and by is zimbabwe and the wildlife officials say they are possibly working with officials to bring this person into justice. is president obama aware of this killing and what could he do at executive levels to keep these hunters from traveling to africa? >> i have seen reports on this i don't have much for you i have not spoken to the president about this but it has been widely covered in the news and he is a
7:12 pm
voracious consumer of the news. i would not be surprised if he is aware but i have no details right now. >> to go back with the highway bill, with that legislative package to you have a reaction to the short-term highway bill? so could they endorse that out of the house? >> you are right to. josh did suggest the highway transportation bill would via a good vehicle to attach the ex-im bank but unfortunately the leaders in the senate, both senate -- democrats and republicans agree as the bill was
7:13 pm
progressing where they came together in a bipartisan coalition that b.c. it is rare and in order to attach the ex-im bank to the highway bill we feel that is the right thing to do. with a pending transportation bill you are referencing the president said we is a country cannot continue to rely on short-term patches. with that centcom since the authorization does expire at the end of july, the unfortunate reality is due to inaction congress will need to pass another short-term extension to keep funding for the transportation system funding flowing. >> was that the attack on the states that the house
7:14 pm
bill even though they would sign short-term bills? >> that is not how we see it. the ex-im bank have been 16 times in past congresses with bipartisan majority. the past 13 presidents have supported the bank. sold this time should not have been any different. as we centcom one of the bills to pass congress over the last few weeks with the business transportation bill we thought it should have been attached and that is why they share our view but as the speaker of the house uses the word to describe the leaders a bill a word i cannot even use it in public from the podium.
7:15 pm
[laughter] fair enough. but asking me to evaluate the level of dysfunction in the congress i am happy to engage you on that because it is rare that we see this lovable of distrust -- level of distrust from both parties. just take us step back over the past few days and weeks i would first like to remind you of the aftermath of the 2014 midterms where the leader mcconnell and speaker boehner jointly penned an op-ed where they felt confident to get congress working again. i am not confident they lived up to their promise. right now what they are focused on is a ideological
7:16 pm
writer to defund planned parenthood. they are dealing with strife within their own party and leaving town early to get a head start on the six week break. put that side by side with their inability to authorize ex-im bank it is the presence of the highway trust fund running out in the height of construction season and a call to beef down without touching cybersecurity legislation, that is a level of their priorities and they are misplaced >> sources have told us yesterday that the august recess that prompted a number of questions of where
7:17 pm
the review is? with the constant question and whether there will be a review and with the timeline will be. >> your server constant question is generous but the answer is the same it is under a review process. that particular process predates this administration is where will have no update for you. >> was the senator misinformed or lying about what he heard? >> i have not seen the remarks. >> [inaudible] >> i appreciate senator hogans remarks i am not sure they are classified as a called on to the state department but you should check with him to see what he bases that off of.
7:18 pm
>> to inspector general concluded secretary of state clinton has classified material on her own server emails that were classified when they were sent and remain classified one is the latest reaction? >> i can say a couple of things. first, this administration takes the role of inspectors general very seriously to serve an important service. but we also want to properly handle classified information for obvious reasons. to make sure those materials are handled in accordance with the right protocols all of us in government to work with those materials take that responsibility very seriously. i know the state department is equally committed that is why secretary kerrey is discussing this with his inspector general this week and it seems that secretary carey wants to get to the bottom of this to figure out
7:19 pm
if they need to take any action. >> the role that the inspectors general play why didn't the white house nominated anyone? >> just like of conversation that is a frequent question and i can assure you that we do take the role of the inspector general very seriously because there was not a senate confirmed inspector general that does not mean the office was not very active. >> are you satisfied with the answers to have gotten from secretary clinton and publicly? >> i think what she has demonstrated is a commitment to not only transparency why she has asked them to review that emails and that is appropriate to. >> with iran, what is the
7:20 pm
environment of the reception in the east room you think will be effective to ruth change minds among democrats ? >> my boss claimed a phrase that is the worst of both worlds. i will credit him with that but this will be an opportunity for the president to speak directly to members here at the white house and will likely make opening remarks to talk about his view and perspective and likely will take questions from members to have them and it is likely they have time to talk one-on-one in a social setting it is the good time to make the case why we believe this is not only in the best interest of the united states but for the region.
7:21 pm
>> i am happy to take that request but we traditionally have kept this close but i can assure you the message he will deliver will be very familiar to all of you. think your. >> the situation, we appreciate you can semite confirm the death -- confirm the death but if it happened two years ago is their problem with american intelligence that we did not know that he died and was killed by a draw on strike for tuberculosis or something and not reporting it until today? >> i fully appreciate the question. unfortunately i am not in a position to comment on the specifics of these reports and those circumstances we
7:22 pm
cannot answer in detail without confirming what presupposes that question. >> so take out the cause of death and just the fact you believe those are credible reports that also said that he died two years ago. why did the united states intelligence not know of that? and it does ask what is the problem? >> i don't think it is a problem when the agencies are reviewing these reports the specific circumstances if there is anything definitive we can share with you that i suspect you will want to scrutinize at that time. we are just not in a position to do that today.
7:23 pm
>> outside cleveland ohio involved with a charge of murder and he was picked up before that by local police. there is no charge but they did not realize he was on documented to call border patrol. there were told though we will not pick them up. , do you believe that what is really needed is a wall? >> thank you for the question i would refer you for specifics to i.c.e.. if any republican wants to
7:24 pm
dedicate more resources to securing the border they should support comprehensive immigration reform. that is a bill that passed the senate with republicans and democrats with the support of the president to secure the border. if any republican running for president or not, want to take a step in that direction, we urge the house leadership to come up for a vote not even to vote for it but we are confident it will pass. >> but because of these incidents believe that would help them? >> i don't think that. what we think is that these episodes do demonstrate the need to eliminate the patchwork of immigration
7:25 pm
laws to pass a comprehensive bill. and none other than marco rubio the junior senator from florida who stated more eloquently, as the current conditions is to facto amnesty and the way to restore accountability is to pass the bill and we could not agree more. >> to ask about the cnn investigation through the federal program for severely disabled people. they started the investigation into multiple allegations of financial fraud is the worst case of this type of the federal entity. are you aware of these problems? >> i did see a story on that. is maya understanding a lot of the issues with in the cnn report are tied up in litigation so i am not
7:26 pm
allowed to comment but i would refer you for a response. i know you have all been reporting on their response. >> are you aware because naming 15 presidential appointees saying that they would be concerned about these problems. >> i have spoken to the president about this. i am not sure his level of of fairness but it is clear day emphasize integrity so beyond that i know this is tied up in litigation and soap. >> [inaudible] >> we don't. we go to great lengths not to rule comment on individual cases or prosecution to make sure nothing we say as is is appeared is interfering it
7:27 pm
with the investigation. >> could i get a reaction for the undercover video very graphic images has he seen the video himself and what about those to restrict federal funding? >> i have watched the video i am not sure the president has. he has been elsewhere but we are familiar with the news reports including the videos have been edited. in response to your question about house republicans moving to defund planned parenthood, we could not disagree more with their actions. we believe it provides a range of preventive care and services like screenings and checkups to men and women and families across the country. millions visit the center's
7:28 pm
annual the and we support them getting the services of health care that they need. >> earlier to describe not a close confidante but maybe the secretary of state is slightly more. yesterday in a town hall in new hampshire she said she believes that by the time the administration is over the keystone x all question will be resolved does the white house believe the issue will be resolved? >> yes. >> does senator whole thin and hillary clinton and have better information about the keystone xl or are they willing to tell us more than you are? >> i can tell you from the white house perspective here is a project under review at
7:29 pm
the state department that is a process that has garnered a lot of attention but it also predates the administration. so that process is handled on the merits. . .
7:30 pm
>> elected to the presidency those are the alternatives. and so that is part of the reason we fill confident in our case. >> certain that this will not be impeded by congress? >> other colleagues are better gamblers than me. i will say i am confident it will prevail.
7:31 pm
>> do that all over again. >> eminent when you flew on air force one with the president. >> no. >> and the minimum wage, came out yesterday. i am wondering if the white house will support the legislation? >> president obama has not made clear. a year since the federal wage increase past,past asking congress to raise the minimum wage is long overdue we suggested congress raise the minimum wage and more recently supported legislation that would raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2020. there are a number of
7:32 pm
proposals. we just want them to move on one. despite the president's leadership and bringing this country out of an economic downturn, the longest wretch of private-sector job growth that wages have not grown fast enough. different localities cities,localities, cities, states, and private companies are choosing to take action. those are mostly support. the current tally is 17 states and the district of columbia have passed minimum wage increases despite congresses recalcitrance. we support those efforts but it is up to the localities to decide the best numbers the suit those areas. >> previously the taliban
7:33 pm
has put out statements as recently as this month. a knew round of piece talks. who has the government been negotiating with given that he has been dead for two years? what would you recommend for this upcoming round of peace talks? >> i appreciate you bringing that up. wewe believe the taliban has a genuine opportunity. they can accept the invitation to join a piece the piece process and be part of the legitimate political system or they can choose to keep fighting afghans and destabilize their own country. you are right to suggest the united states continues to support an afghan led process. >> this ideal with the iran nuclear agreement that your cabinet members of an taking
7:34 pm
a beating about. why did the united states not know of this ideal? why didn't representatives briefed congress on this ideal? why have no members of the administration read this? >> let's take this as an opportunity to this up. there is no side deal separate from the commitments outlined in the joint comprehensive plan of action which prevents a ran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. everything agreed to is spelled out within that joint comprehensive plan of action. in terms of the documents congress aswe has. not only are they on the website online, but they have been briefed many times
7:35 pm
over. as a standard they're are arrangement specifically that are confidential documents that the iaea does not released to other states and we have a number of understandable and possibly obvious reasons why they do not release documents pertaining to proliferation more widely. what is important to understand is the iaea, the international community renowned efforts -- renowned experts as well as the p5 plus one are absolutely confident in the deal that was struck. >> can you confirm that this deal allows iran to collect its own soil samples? >> some of the details in that agreement remain classified and sensitive, so i am not in a position to discuss them from here but i can assure you that not only is the international
7:36 pm
inspectors, whom we all trust to monitor this been a shared and assured us that they will have the access they need, but i can tell you the p5 plus one the international community has a vested stake in this and are confident in the arrangement that was struck. >> why did secretary kerry moments ago say that they have not read this ideal? >> there is a difference tween reading a specific piece of paper and knowing what is in it command we have been clear that we are not only aware but are entirely comfortable with it as are the international inspectors and the scientists and experts who have the expertise in this. thank you. mark. >> how can you say with such assurance a moment ago that
7:37 pm
there will be a decision on keystone by the end of the administration? >> it is my understanding that this is a process that is undergone at the state department. again, this is a process that predates this administration command we believe that if you check in with them for an update they will offer where they are in the process. >> the disparity between the years the state has been working on keystone and the 60 days you have given congress? >> no. >> why not? >> for us those are entirely separate and unrelated issues. the 60 day clark was written into legislation. that was a clock that they started. the keystone decision is
7:38 pm
under review of the state departmentdá&gqç and it isijk my understanding that it has nothing to do withé+bk sen. corker'ssenator corker's & legislation which dictated thecyarchitecture of how they will have oversight. >> is the presidentloo> i have not heard that.ijw÷p o. i will try. >> i am sure the conference about the agreement basically -- [inaudible question] does this administration -- [inaudible question] is there an effort from the justice department?
7:39 pm
>> i know there was a news conference coming on back in ohio just as we were coming out. i did not have a chance to watch it, and obviously it is a local case under local investigation and prosecution. i refer you to them for details. in terms to this issue at large, which i think you're referencing, the presidents set up a task force on policing and the host of serious and tangible recommendations that law enforcement across this country have been studying and taken to heart.have taken to heart. i don't have an update but it is a false and west and training is a big part of that if the pres. believes in order to restore trust between certain law enforcement agencies around the country and the communities that they serve one of the steps that local law enforcement can take is to increase the training.
7:40 pm
>> an effort by press -- vice president biden. has the president encouraged or talked to vice president biden about the possibility? >> i have not spoken to the president about his private conversations with the vice president. the pres.. the president has said the best political decision he has ever made in his career has been to ask joe biden to run as his vice president. he could not be more impressed and appreciated of the vice president service that he is. >> that is an endorsement. >> i will ask one more question. [laughter] >> just checking. >> is they're been any talk around the white house particularly from next-door
7:41 pm
that he could possibly throw his hat in? >> ii have not heard anything about those discussions. [inaudible question] united airlines information similar to what was taken regarding passenger lists they could have been taken. do you have any information? >> i do not. we are certainly aware of the reports about the cyber intrusion but i refer you to united for comment. >> the fact -- [inaudible question] >> what was the question? [inaudible question] >> i have seeni have seen those reports, but i will refer you to united.
7:42 pm
i have seen the reports but i we will refer you to united to address circumstances. >> the government must know something. >> bill, don't be so cynical. [laughter] again, we are going to let united airlines which presumably has public relations folks feel those questions. thank you. >> they signed a deal. the us-led coalition fighting the islamic state the turkish minister command it has been reported by reuters, the heaviest airstrike by turkey after the president -- any peace process. >> i think as you saw two weeks ago now when this was 1st announced that we have
7:43 pm
been clear the united states and turkey have held ongoing consultations always we can further our joint efforts to respond to common threats. turkey is a strategic nato ally, close friend and valuable partner command we are appreciative of the commitment that the turkish government has made to further and deepen our cooperation which include support for the training and equip program intelligence sharing, and operational coordination. as part of this turkey is granted clearance for the deployment of manned and unmanned aircraft. >> how does this play and with the unfortunate circumstance of the bombings of the pkk? supposedly supporting our efforts. >> as we spoke in real-time that we do condemn the pkk
7:44 pm
attack they are a foreign terrorist organization and we respect turkey's right to defend itself. we believe that overall the call for a de-escalation and the return to the peaceful solution process. thank you. >> on the irs republican lawmakers on monday the president to fire commissioner john costigan and/or we will try and impeach him. any response? >> yes. he is a man of the highest integrity. has decades of experience turning around public and private institutions continue to make in the right person to lead this agency. if we look back at how cooperative the irs has been
7:45 pm
with the multiple invested stations i think it is worth noting they have testified in over 25 congressional hearings, provided more than 50 employees for interviews and produced more than 1 million pages of documents you mentioned to house republicans tried to make news on this. i call to your attention the response from congressman cummings who pointed out the independent inspector general himself included in our ports of the oversight committee that there is no evidence to substantiate the claims of republicans were making. that is the case in the report which found know evidence to back up the claims a political motivation white house involvement, or intentional destruction of evidence. francesca. [laughter]
7:46 pm
>> francesca. >> i we will takei will take it. calmly whatever you want. appreciate that. i want to go back to iran. he described this talk extensive. do you no if the president has talked to senator schumer about the deal? >> i do not have specific conversations. the president has spoken with specific members of congress in the house and senate both democrats and republicans in both skeptics and supporters. the president believes on the merit our case is one worth making. i don't have specific conversations but i know that senator schumer as a member of the leadership in the senate is someone who
7:47 pm
support we >> without having started addressing sequester what
7:48 pm
is the presence message? >> the presence message is simple. it is unfortunate that congress will leave town without a lot of progress made. this economic recovery is one that would only be supported if we lift the sequester restrictions and fund government at appropriate levels. bless you, gardner. so that is our approach. if you had eyes you would see the president making a similar case. >> is there any particular tactic or strategy to try to kickstart these negotiations? >> i can tell you officials
7:49 pm
at the relevant agencies have certainly been in touch with house and senate leaders urging them to roll up their sleeves and make progress. we have been disappointed as far with an action. >> three brief questions for you. congressman mike kelly of pennsylvania has taken a different tack from other republicans rather than embrace the defunding planned parenthood, he has written a commissioner of the irs and asked for an audit of some controversial reports and has had the security hearing of the ways and means subcommittee. is this something the administration would be positive about?
7:50 pm
>> i have noti have not heard any of the videos will issues that anything to do with the irs. i am not sure if the commissioner will evaluate that request, but i have not seen anything to suggest that out it is necessary. >> does the administration well supporting the agreement between greece and its partners believe it is sustainable even of the international monetary fund has raised questions or do they think the specter would reappear down the line? ..
7:51 pm
if that is on the list this year. >> will you get back to me on that? >> i will try. chris? >> lifted the policy from prohibiting openly gay people of serving as leaders in the boy scouts this week and various portions of that. has the president publically called for the organization to lift the ban on gay people. how was he made aware of the news and did he have a reaction? >> i don't know how the president received this news. but i know the leadership of the boy scouts of america did take a
7:52 pm
big step forward with qualified leaders regardless of who they love and it is consistent with what the president talked about. he believed the boy scouts is a valuable organization that building characters in boys for more than a century and thinks it was an important step for them to take. >> what does he think about using religion to continue to evaluate the leaders? does he think it should prohibit this? >> again, chris, i have not talked to the president about this. i do know he believes and was encouraged by the significant step they announced this week. >> and when the president was in africa, he stated at a press conference to issue -- where being gay is punishable by up to 14 years in prison.
7:53 pm
did that come up privately at all? >> yes, i can assure you the president raised this privately. the president believes equality is a fundamental pillar because it is the right thing to do and it strengthens countries. the issue of broader human rights in africa is one where they made progress but they clearly have a long way to go. that is part of the reason why he was so encouraged by his visit. he felt that this visit was an opportunity to accomplish the goal of not only deepening the ties between the united states and africa but also raising awareness on these issues. i know the president said some countries prefer to not engage
7:54 pm
and not try to lift up the issues even when they are not comfortable. that is not the president's approach. >> what was the reaction? >> i don't have the details of the bilaticaleral conversations but know he raised this. >> two questions. one recently addressing the fortune 500 companies with the leadership of the institutions. what do you make of the u.s.-relations with the nuclear agreement? there was an announcement of over $15 billion being invested in the use by indian companies creating over a 100,000 jobs in the united states.
7:55 pm
how does this affect? >> i think that is a good question. i don't have specifics on how any specific loans or support structures that xxm offered american companies specifically but i could get that for you. generally speaking the reason republicans and democrats support xm bank is because it is an engine of growth. speaking about the india partnership the president is very excited about the prospect of increased collaboration, increased economic growth for investment in india i think you heard that from his recent trip. just because he is not over there doesn't mean we don't have
7:56 pm
key members of the team working on this. economic growth across the world remains a priority for the president and that manifest itself in foreign countries and india is high on the list. >> and secondally -- secondly many issues have come up and undocumented pay says this might be the last issue for the president before leaving office. they are living under the shadow. if the president can bring them out of the shadow and see the light light? >> sure. as you point out millions are living under the shadow and the best way for them to get out and restore accountability is for
7:57 pm
the house to pass the senate bipartisan immigration reform package. that was a bill not written by this president and the president never called it perfect. it is probably not precisely the bill he would have passed if he was writing it but it was part of bipartisan compromise coming together to pass the bill. we believe the house should come together and pass it as well. the president is developing the boldest actions we partake within the bounds of the law. he believes his the secretary of homeland security, jeh johnson working with eric holder, came
7:58 pm
up with a set of policies he is proud of and worked to implement some of that. other significant pieces are being implemented and our focus is on continuing that work. >> thank you all. >> they brought the british navy to a stand still. not one vessel. >> they high tailed out. >> this sunday night on q and a, the search for the pirate ship
7:59 pm
the golden fleece. >> pete started off his life not as a pirate but a noble enlish sea captain. a gentlemen trusted by wealthy ship owners to sail the golden fleece between london and jamaica which was known as the wickiest city on earth. and take dyes and sugars and other items. one day, joseph banister stole the ship and went on the account of set of piracy. >> sunday night at 8 eastern and pacific on c-span's q&a. we bring you the best access to congress debates from the senate floor, hearings and every weekend it is booktv with
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non-fiction books and authors with live coverage of book festivals from around the country and a behind the scenes look at the publishing industry. the best access to congress and non-fiction books. c-span2. senate republicans are planning a vote as early as monday to cut $500 million in annual federal funding for planned parenthood. the anti abortion group medical progress released the third of their video saying planned parenthood sells fetal abortion tissue. it is offered by ernst and sponsored by mitch mcconnell. here is senator mcconnell and democratic minorty harry reid talking about i


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